Primary Markets Technology Mapping Directory

发布时间:2019年3月26日 14:25

ICMA has launched a comparative mapping of electronic primary bond markets solutions. The ICMA Primary Markets Technology Mapping Directory compares the key features and capabilities of over 20 technology solutions that are available for a range of functions within the issuance process of debt securities.

Fixed income primary markets are evolving, and technology is playing an increasingly important role in the issuance process of debt securities. Building on ICMA’s work in relation to electronification in primary bond markets, the directory’s purpose is to inform ICMA members of existing and emerging platforms and technology solutions, and thereby create greater transparency. The initiative complements ICMA’s mappings of Electronic Trading Platforms as well as FinTech Solutions for Repo and Cash Bond Operations.

This unique mapping exercise explains what platforms or technology solutions are available and at what stage of the issuance process they can be used, whether they are aimed at underwriters, investors, issuers or others.

It provides information on the scope of debt instruments, and what issuance methods the technology solutions apply to, amongst other features. The mapping also includes emerging platforms using distributed ledger technology which are expected to go live in the near future.

The mapping directory is intended to be a living document and, whilst it currently covers more than 20 technology solutions in total, it does not constitute an exhaustive list of providers in the market. It will be updated on a regular basis to include other existing or new solutions. Relevant providers that are not yet covered by the mapping directory and wish to join are very welcome to do so.

Contact: Gabriel Callsen